A to Z solutions for local and international fashion brands and entrepreneurs who wants to start a fashion brand.

Fashion consulting strategies from branding, sales, to merchandising, small MOQ production, fabric sourcing, local and overseas lookbook shoot, E-Commerce catalog photoshoot, overseas distribution, and fashion event activation and organizer.

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Our consultant will help you building your brand from scratch: concept, production, to launching your dream fashion brand. Not just your consultant, we care about your brand and we want your brand to grow further. Our service and work is based on passion, understanding, and perfection. We value our clients and growing together is very imporant to us.





We offer sample making and small quantity manufacturing with a minimum of 6 per style. Our expert will assist you in making your clothing or accessories for your brand. We specialize in womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, knit and woven.


Get your product ready in 3 steps

  1. Create your design
  2. Pick a fabric
  3. We do the rest

Fabric Sourcing


GFC works together with global suppliers to find the right fabric for your brand.

Pattern Making


Create a 2D blueprint of your idea. Get a production-ready pattern with face card and sewing instructions.

This step in apparel manufacturing not only takes skill, but is very important in creating a tangible representation of your vision. Today, we can digitize this technical request, but also typically create paper patterns too.



Get the specifications for your target customer. Cost is based on the number of pattern pieces in the style. With seasoned professionals who do this daily, we are sure to never miss the mark.



Each brand works with a personal production manager who is your point of contact throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our production managers provide guidance and support through all stages of apparel manufacturing. They will track and communicate each step of the production process and keep to strict deadlines to deliver the goods. We only partner with brands who have shared success in mind.



Our expert can assist you with your fashion confusion needs. We provide strategies from branding, co-branding, design, merchandising, sales, marketing, social media, visual merchandising, and fashion event organization. We do not simply provide you with strategies, we deliver and execute with you. We assist brands from A to Z regarding all of their fashion needs. Our package varies depending on your brand needs.


Creative Direction


GFC assists clients in the creative direction of the brand. We can help with the development of a collection up to the concept creation of the lookbook or campaign.


photoworks & styling


Lookbook both global and local and catalog. Our lookbook shoot package includes: model, make up artist, photographer, stylist, and concept. We offer photoshoot both locally - all around Indonesia and overseas such as Europe, USA, and Japan. Our expert will match your budget and deliver the best image quality for you to present to your buyers and customers. We will match your brand direction with the imagery that will be produced. We also have creative direction and styling option for you.


Get your product and lookbook content in 4 step

  1. Share your ideas
  2. We will create a suitable concept
  3. We will arrange it all
  4. Get your editorial, lookbook, campaign ready!

Lookbook photowork


GFC assists local and international brands to showcase their branding through visual interpretation: lookbook campaign. Lookbook Campaign plays important role in showcasing brand identity to your target audience. Therefore, our job is to ensure that every campaign matches our client’s brands brand direction.



At GFC you do not need to hassle and worry about running around to get your fabric and trims. We have selections of fabric both knit and woven that you can choose. Our expert will help you to better understand the use of each fabrics and let you know whether the fabric matches your design or not.



GFC aims to see local Indonesian brands worn by global people. With us we try to open the gates for local brands to sell and or collaborate with global brands. GFC will assist and teach each brands to success in global market and match brands with the right stores that meet the right target market.



GFC assists global brands who want to enter Indonesia with strategies to enter the Indonesian market. GFC is open to licensing, distribution rights, and more options can be discussed.

workshop and seminar


Planning to hold a seminar or event? We can make it come true. We will create the concept and take care of the event from A to Z. Together with our media partners, we will make sure that your brand’s event will get exposure and is delivered to your target market.


community gabster people


GABSTER people is a movement to empower other fashion entreprenuers, workers, and students. We share stories from entrepreneurs on how they start the brand, how to maintain their brand, and how to grow them. Each entreprenurs have different side or a story and they all worth watching for. We aim to show the world that fashion industry is not just about glamour, but there is a lot of energy and work put into it. The industry is not as glamorous, but we fashion people enjoy our work and desire to inspire and empower our community.


We deliver the latest fashion news, strategies, reports, insights, and fashion e-learning.