Seoul Lookbook For Anye

Anye - Seoul Campaign

Anye is a clothing store based in Indonesia that is established in 2015 by Wendi and Agnes Monica. The brand was made due to a high demand from her fans wanting to know more about her style and where she shops at. From this, they saw a business opportunity and created a brand that is influenced by her style.

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Their collections aim to spread a positive message using writings such as “Love”, “Forgive”, “Believe” and “Peace”.

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For their recent collection they have launched t-shirts, long sleeve tops, a jacket, a matching hoodie and sweatpants set, net bags and fanny packs for both men and women as they offer unisex clothes.

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Anye goes to Seoul, Korea for their new collection’s campaign lookbook.

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What We Do Best

GABSTER went to Seoul in November 2018 to do their first lookbook shoot in Korea, bringing local brands global. We work together with local photographers and make sure to pick the right model, location and concept for Anye. We ensure to create a loobook that is suitable for the brand, collection and can meet the client’s desire.