Gabster Fashion Consulting Launch “A Fashion Night Out”

Written on October 4, 2018 by Popbela

Jakarta: Located in EV Hive City, Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta Gabster Fashion Consulting (GFC) collaborated with EV Hive opens their new office last Thursday, April 12th 2018.

The concept who has been offered by GFC in their office is as one place “one stop solutions” anything about fashion or more well-known as about fashion hub.

The main purpose for this company to established it according Gabriella Sheena Halim as a CEO and Founder of GABSTER Fashion Consulting is wherefore business of fashion is not only about making and selling the clothes.

Sheena elaborates that there are lots of aspect and then it is quite weary to see a lot of import brand fills local markets, “Why don’t we increase our own products?” adds Sheena.

Sheena mentions that this GFC were expected to build a fashion community and could have a good representative about local products, either international. It is not just about that, GFC can be a needed consultant from A to Z about fashion and its various products as well.

Sheena also states that fashion hub has been expanded as an office, fashion workshop room, sewing machine, cutting table and pattern, also daily and monthly fashion desk pass.

“We are pleased could be partnership with GFC because we hope that GFC will brought a fashion community into space and inventing synergy from our member,” said Ethan Choi, Co-Founder and CSO of EV HIVE.

It is not only about that, Ethan Choi also states that fashion nowadays could be a strong platform in e-commerce business and he believe that GFC will be leader online along offline community for fashion designer and entrepreneur in Indonesia.

GFC begins since 2017 with no office and only hold one client, Sheena herself also have worked at widely-known brand such as Chanel, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Zalora and many more.

Sheena currently have been cooperated with few top brands, such as Third Day, ANYE by Agnes Mo, Sixteen Denim Scale, 3Second, Greenlight, Famo, Mountley, FMC, and many more.

“We try to increase a big scale on fashion industry and sees them on sales and wear by people globally. I honestly tired to see international brand flooding our market. For that, it has to be a way how local brand to compete with the international brand, either in or overseas as well.” ends Sheena.