Seoul Lookbook for Just

Just - Timeless Christmas Seoul Campaign

Just is an Indonesian brand that is inspired by a person’s daily routine. They started off by launching pajamas for men and women and have recently added casual wear to their line. Their casual wear collection is only available for women and ranges from top, dresses, bottoms, and outerwear for several occasions.

look-landscape-just12.jpg look-landscape-just11.jpg

For the second collection, Just launched a winter or Christmas collection featuring clothes that are less casual.

look-portrait-just8.jpglook-portrait-just1.jpg look-lanscape-just7.jpg

Just goes to Seoul for their Timeless Christmas Collection

look-portrait-just5.jpglook-portrait-just10.jpg look-portrait-just3.jpglook-portrait-just4.jpg

What We Do Best

GABSTER goes to Seoul in November 2018 to do the first lookbook shoot in Korea, bringing local brands for global campaign. We work together with local photographers and make sure to pick the right model and locations for Just. It is important for us to create a good lookbook that can represent the collection well.