A British Student Designing Clothing for Disabilities

Written on June 27, 2019 by Katarina Anggiasinta

Menswear collection for disabilities.jpg Menswear collection for disabilities (photo: Nottingham Trent University) Today we often talk about gender equality. But we rarely think of equality with disabilities. Many people still do not care about disabilities. One concrete proof is the use of priority seats in public transportation. While clearly written and illustrated priority seats intended for those who are entitled.

0_NTU-GRAD-FASH-2019-2_16.jpg Graduate Fashion Week (foto: nottinghampost.com) But it’s different from Evie, a student from Nottingham Trent University, designing clothes specifically for people with disabilities. He showed off his fashion collection at his graduation. Graduate Fashion Week is a fashion week that aims to celebrate the graduation of students from various universities such as Bath Spa, Birmingham City, Nottingham Trent, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Fashion Institute, Edinburgh College of Arts and Ravensbourne.

Nottingham Trent University.jpg One of Evie’s outfits (photo: Nottingham Trent University) In the process of designing clothes, Evie was not playing games. He conducted research first using a questionnaire to find out the problems and needs of persons with disabilities in clothing. From the very beginning, Evie Ashwin had a goal so that the clothes she designed would be able to overcome the problems that the fashion industry could cause for people with disabilities, recognizing that fashion must be fully accessible to everyone. Not only that, but the material used is also like zippers and magnetic buttons that facilitate the use of clothing.

NOTTINGHAM_BYBECKYL-5-3b3e.jpg Clothing exhibited by persons with disabilities (photo: Nottingham Trent University) “I want my design to be worn by everyone, disability or not. I want clothes for people with disabilities to be included in the approach of designers from the start, “Evie said.